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LD high elastic rubber asphalt waterproof coating.

This product is given priority to with asphalt, using a variety of polymer emulsion, overcome the pure of the limitation of a kind of polymer emulsion, they can compensate each other, complement each




LD high elastic rubber bitumen waterproof coating (water-based and environment-friendly)
I. product overview
LD high elastic rubber asphalt waterproof coating is a new high performance product independently developed and produced by our company. This product is made of bitumen, rubber and imported latex as raw materials and adding a variety of additives. The implementation standard is JC/T 408-2005 waterproofing paint for wateremulsion asphalt.
2. Implementation standard: JC/T 408-2005 waterproofing paint for wateremulsion asphalt
number project standard The inspection results Individual assessment Inspection basis
1 appearance After mixing, there was no color difference, no gel, no agglomeration and no obvious asphalt silk After mixing, there was no color difference, no gel, no agglomeration and no obvious asphalt silk Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.4
2 Solid content, % ≥45 61 Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.5
3 Heat resistance
No flow, sliding, dripping No flow, sliding, dripping Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.6
4 impervious
There is no water seepage There is no water seepage Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.7
5 Bond strength ≥0.30MPa 0.74MPa Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.8
6 surface drying time,h ≤8 25min Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.9
7 hard drying time ,h ≤24 40min Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.10
8 Low tender degrees Standard conditions 15 ℃ - no crack 15 ℃ - no crack Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.11
Alkali treatment - 10 ℃ no crack - 10 ℃ no crack Conform to the
Heat treatment - 10 ℃ no crack Conform to the
Ultraviolet treatment - 10 ℃ no crack Conform to the
9 Elongation at break Standard conditions ≥600 1703% Conform to the JC/T408-2005 5.11
Alkali treatment 1867% Conform to the
Heat treatment 983% Conform to the
Ultraviolet treatment 986% Conform to the
3. Scope of application
It is suitable for all kinds of industrial and civil construction, roof, walls, basement, balcony, tunnel, bridge crack seal waterproof engineering and maintenance of the old roof, also can be applied to all kinds of plumbing, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof projects.
4. Performance characteristics
Environmental protection: this product is completely environmental protection product, no organic solvent discharge in the film forming process, no pollution to the environment.
Applicability: strong adaptability to base material, can be used in reinforced concrete, steel plate, plastic and various masonry materials.
Flexibility: good ductility, fracture elongation rate can reach more than 1000%, and it can resist the displacement of base course and the crack of building seam, with strong anti-destructive force.
Sealing: skin waterproof, excellent adhesion and base surface are closely combined. When used, it can penetrate the base seam, seal the base hole, and prevent water channeling and leakage.
Weather resistance: excellent uv resistance, waterproof layer can be exposed directly, not afraid of the sun exposure.
5. Construction methods
Base processing
The base surface should be smooth, firm, non-loose, sanding, no clear water, no floating ash, no oil, mould remover and other stains, and the uneven and cracks must be smoothed first.
The node processing
Before large area painting, the special parts such as yin-yang Angle, water outlet, pipe interface, roof crack, color steel plate lap joint and so on should be strengthened. Paint the area first, then apply a pre-cut fiberglass cloth or non-woven cloth, and then apply a waterproof coating after drying.
Waterproof construction
1, cement base surface: first time brushing paint mixed with water according to the proportion of 1:1, mechanically fully stir well, with water as medium, let the diluted paint into concrete capillary pores, closely integrated with the base level, for the first layer after drying for the second time brushing, besmear brushs while adding glass fiber cloth or nonwoven, will smooth cloth shop is stuck, pressure is the surface coating. Apply the third brush after the second drying. No water is required for the second and third normal brushes.
2. Color steel plate substrate: clean up before construction, stir the paint evenly (without mixing with water), and apply 2-3 times. Glass fiber cloth or non-woven cloth can be applied in the first or second brush.
3, old coil base: coil for cock, bulge, rupture wait for a phenomenon, should be handled after normal besmear again, first time brushing (no water) must be carefully, make coating fully into the old coil in each tiny cracks. After drying for the first time, apply the second brush. Apply the glass fiber cloth or non-woven cloth on the side of the brush. After drying for the second time, apply the third brush.
Matters needing attention
▶ every time brushing direction should be perpendicular to each other last time.
▶ before again after coating is dry, can on to the next time brushing.
▶ head and edge, increase paint coating to seal.
▶ should not be below 5 ℃ construction, rainy days can not open the construction.
▶ construction of appropriate thin besmear to brush, not a one-time thick coating, coating thickness should comply with the design requirements.
▶ when completed, shall be continuous dry 7 Arabian water experiments.
Reference usage: 1 mm thick amount is about 1.0 kg / ㎡.
Packaging, storage and transportation
1. This product is packaged in sealed plastic drum, which is non-dangerous and can be transported safely.
2. The shelf life of unopened product is 6 months, and it should be used within 24 hours after opening.
3, should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated place, storage temperature at 5 ℃ to 35 ℃.



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