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Emulsified asphalt (for road use)

Emulsified asphalt (road), the concept of emulsified asphalt emulsifying asphalt asphalt hot melt, through the role of the mechanical state in tiny droplets dispersed in the aqueous solution containin




Emulsified asphalt (for road use)

I. concept of emulsified asphalt

Emulsified asphalt asphalt hot melt, through the role of the mechanical state in tiny droplets dispersed in the aqueous solution containing emulsifier, with water as dispersion medium to form a stable dispersion system, generate the oil-in-water emulsion asphalt, is a kind of road temperature fluidity good building materials. Used in construction of the emulsified asphalt, without heating, can be sprayed at room temperature, pumping, mixing, paving, applies to construct all kinds of structure of pavement surface and at the grass-roots level, also can be used as a transparent layer of oil, oil and various stabilized subbase layer of curing.

Compared with diluted asphalt and hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt does not require a lot of solvents such as gasoline and kerosene, nor does it require a lot of heat energy heating. It has unique advantages of safety, energy saving and environmental protection. The company can produce various types and concentrations of emulsified asphalt according to different needs, and can modify it conveniently. The construction process can easily control the amount of asphalt.

The characteristics of emulsified asphalt and the application of road

(1) improve the quality of the road: determines the characteristics of the emulsified asphalt with ordinary hot asphalt is not easy to achieve the effect, is used as the transparent layer of oil, oil glue layer, layer construction, can accurate control spread when spraying quantity, good penetration effect and adhesion, emulsified asphalt asphalt content can be arbitrary adjustment, can amount to 67%, even the mixing and asphalt film thickness is very thin. In addition, because of the charge on the surface of emulsified asphalt, bitumen particles can be closely adsorbed to the surface of mineral materials, and the emulsifier ACTS as an anti-stripping agent, which can enhance the bond between asphalt and stone materials.

(2) the greater use of asphalt: with the continuous development of emulsified asphalt technology, there have been many hot asphalt impossible, emulsified asphalt can be achieved, such as cold mixing materials, slurry seal.

(3) save energy: a single heating emulsified asphalt production, and asphalt temperature 120 ~ 140 ℃, although the emulsifier solution need to be heated, emulsifying machine electric consumption, etc. But according to statistic calculation, emulsified asphalt can save more than 50% of heat energy than hot asphalt.

(4) material saving: the emulsified asphalt contains about 40% water, which is equivalent to diluting the asphalt with water to 60% concentration, so the amount of asphalt can be controlled more accurately during construction; Mineral aggregate in addition emulsified asphalt can form a very thin, uniform of bitumen membrane, ensure enough between mineral aggregate structure of asphalt at the same time make free asphalt is reduced to the appropriate degree, therefore can significantly save asphalt content, asphalt material saving 15% ~ 45% on average.

(5) environmental protection, safety, emulsified asphalt in the process of production does not need high temperature and long time heating, room temperature construction, only moisture evaporation, avoid the pollution of the environment in the process of hot asphalt high temperature operation and safe hidden trouble.

(6) easy to use: emulsified asphalt can long stored at room temperature, spray and mixing are without heating, also do not need heating ore material, construction, in the case of damp cold can bring so much convenient for production and construction.

The main application of emulsified asphalt in road engineering


The road engineering

The surface treatment


Cold mixing and emulsifying

Asphalt concrete

Cold mixing and regeneration

Asphalt concrete

Emulsion asphalt penetration road surface

Slurry seal

The micro table placeThe fog sealing layer

Treatment of emulsified asphalt surface by layering

Transparent layer of oil

Adhesive layer of oil

Stable at the grass-roots level

Pit filler

Crack filler

Emulsified asphalt varieties and application range


Species and designation

Scope of application

Cationic emulsified asphalt


For surface, penetration road surface and bottom sealing layer


Permeable oil and base for health maintenance


Sticky oil layer with


Used for thin grouting or cold mixing of bitumen mixture

Anionic emulsifying asphalt


For surface, penetration road surface and bottom sealing layer


Permeable oil and base for health maintenance


Sticky oil layer with


Used for thin grouting or cold mixing of bitumen mixture

Non-ionic emulsified asphalt


Through oil layer with


Used in conjunction with cement stabilized aggregates (mix or regenerate at base)



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