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K11 waterproof coating

K11 waterproof coating JC/T 2090-2011 polymer cement waterproof slurry shall be subject to the latest test report




K11 waterproof coating
JC/T 2090-2011 polymer cement waterproof slurry shall be subject to the latest test report
I. product introduction
This product USES inorganic silicate gel materials and inorganic mineral aggregate in combination with organic polymer emulsion and adding suitable amount of chemical fertilizer and the filling material, through scientific processing and become a two-component waterproof material. This product is divided into general purpose type and flexible type. When the powder is mixed with additives in a certain proportion, it can penetrate into the base to form crystals and prevent water from flowing in all directions. Flexible powder mixed with additives, chemical reaction, forming a layer of tough elastic waterproof membrane, the membrane has good adhesion to the concrete and mortar, able to combine closely with the formation of strong permanent, prevent the infiltration of water.
Ii. Product features
Common characteristics: can be directly worked in wet, has good air permeability, and adhesion at the grass-roots level, nonpoisonous and harmless, safe environmental protection, coating can prevent moisture, salt pollution, inhibit the growth of mold.
Universal features: it can resist high static water pressure. It can be applied to both the surface of the water and the back of the water. Good aging resistance waterproof layer wear resistance.
Flexible type features: with a certain degree of flexibility, can resist the base slightly concussion and small displacement.
3. Scope of application
Can be used in concrete, brick wall, pre - cast body, lightweight brick composition of the surface.
The flexible type is used for front waterproofing, especially for joints such as ground, roof and corner, pipeline peripheral and yin-yang Angle.
The utility model can be used for positive and negative waterproofing, especially for pools, basements, garages, tunnels, etc.
Iv. Construction methods
Base processing
The base must be solid, smooth, clean, free from dust, oil, debris and other debris. The obvious pores and sand holes need to be blocked by cement mortar, smoothed and made into rounded corners with Yin and Yang angles.
Waterproof construction
Pour liquid into a clean container, and then slowly add powder, while stirring in proportion with electric mixer fully stir 3 to 5 minutes until the paste evenly without glutinous rice dough, no precipitation, rest 5-10 minutes to stir again before use. In order to prevent precipitation, intermittent stirring should be maintained during operation. The stirred slurry should be used up within 2 hours. Apply the paste evenly on the base surface of the wet and non-stagnant water. Apply the paste more than 2 times according to the usage requirements to reach the design thickness. Must wait for the last time to dry solid after the next brush, every time the direction of the brush should be vertical with the previous brush, in order to achieve the best coverage effect. The wall corner and the periphery of the pipe can be appropriately strengthened.
Matters needing attention
1. After the waterproof layer is completely dry and fixed, other covering layers can be made.
2. Do not mix the dry glue with water.
3, requirements in 5 to 35 ℃ environment construction, should not be a rainy day outdoor construction.
4. During summer construction, avoid exposure time, so as to avoid excessive loss of water and dry cracking of the coating.
5. Within two days after the construction, pay attention to preventing rain, strong sun or cold.
Reference usage: 1 mm thick amount is about 1.5 kg / ㎡.
V. packaging, storage and transportation
1. This product is sealed in plastic drums and is non-dangerous and can be transported safely.
2, products stored in a cool and dry place, liquid storage temperature is below 5 ℃.
3. Under standard storage and transportation conditions, the shelf life is one year.


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